Elektrolytické odrezování

Rust. Rusting tools, the destroyed files, Rusty pliers. It bothered me in southern Bohemia, on the elements of, where is the incredibly high humidity and vzušná in addition, the workshop is in the nepodsklepeném buildings, partly built from mud brick, the so-called. Adobe. When will rust anything, You can odrezit odrezovačem, use sandpaper or other mechanical methods. It has but a few hooks.

  • Sandpaper to remove even a healthy metal, which in the case of renovation is not too desirable.
  • If the component is a lot of rust, It probably vyrezlé dents (the so-called. pit), from which removes rust very badly.
  • Rusting is a chemical reaction. The rust may be značne “Miner” in healthy material. In addition, rusting autokatalytická response, which in English means, that as soon as there is one rust, It will be easy to keep Rusty, even without air access (for example, under the varnish — known vesicles). Rust must be removed, therefore, thoroughly. In English it says, that you must kill rust — kill the rust.
  • The worst are the rugged components on Rust removal — for example, files. Bike wrong penetrates between the cuts file and mechanical Rust removal out of the question.


The solution is simple and elegant — electrolysis. When elektrolytickém Rust removal rust essentially reduces the back on metal, While a healthy metal, and it is important, will remain. Electrolysis can be odrezovat and rugged components, for example, I did the old files, Rusty so, that instead of a saber should completely smooth places places, clogged with rust.

What are we going to need derusting elektrolytickému

Primarily the source of the stream. We will serve as a source of battery charger. It is good to, When the ammeter, but you can do without it (for example, it does not have my). Next we need to Bowl, electrolyte and electrodes. Container (English bucket) must not be conductive, We must therefore use a plastic bucket, the metal would have shorted circuit. He would also use a wooden barrel, but I suppose, for one, you can find far better use of the.


Crystalline soda

Crystalline soda

Because the water does not flow, We have to transform in a conductive electrolyte. The conductivity of the water can be increased to the dissolution of common salt, but Rust removal is better in alkaline environment, Therefore, it is better to use baking soda for washing (digestive would go too, but the work is much cheaper). The recommended amount is roughly one heaped tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda to four liters of water. In the course of Rust removal There is no need to add baking soda — because the odrezovacího does not process, its quantity in the electrolyte remains the same. You could theoretically use it to infinity, but over time, enough to enter and it is better to dump him (feel free to waste — soda is an organic and iron and rust too, It's not about toxic substances).

There are electrodes. As NEGATIVE electrode will serve us odrezovaná part of. Polarity is very important! As a positive electrode can be used as a piece of iron. Ordinary iron but in response it dissolves and is it enough to waste. The dissolution of a positive electrode but not for Rust removal (in response to the negative electrode) ever need. It is better to use a stainless steel electrode propto, which, therefore, does not respond and derusting plant does not. Although you can find on the Internet for information about, When you use stainless steel electrodes are formed toxic fumes, It's not so hot! Chromium, from which could be toxic variant of arise, It is not so much in the electrode, zreaguje him even less and the person would have to be exposed to a very long. But if you want to be sure, use as anything other than a stainless steel electrode. According to some sources they were ongoing when the marches derusting fully clarified in 1995.

bucket Electrodes and electrolyte

The electrodes and electrolyte

Connect the charger clamps to the electrodes, therefore, (again I repeat, the negative terminal on the odrezovanou part of the, the negative terminal on the odrezovanou part of the, the negative terminal on the odrezovanou part of the…) and switch on the charger. The stream may be different, from about 0,5 to 3 Ampere, Depending on the size and status of the odrezované components. It is important to realize, You cannot increase the flow — you specify only the voltage (the charger gives 12 volts), the circuit's stream “It takes itself”, According to the total resistance in it. It is therefore a good, After a certain time, When a part of the rust uvolnia, odrezovanou component take, wire brush free of rust and adjusted again after a partial part of the return to the solution, and then turn on the power.

When the adjustment of the flow components most likely Black waste, not Rusty. This is the correct, because it is essentially about the iron powder, the resulting reduction of rust on iron. This is related to another the essential thing when derusting elektrolytickém. Rust is usually the miner into a healthy metal and electrolytic odrezováním remove only rust and healthy, while metal remains. On the surface there is therefore something like a microscopic iron wool or sponge, in which they are deleted after the rust holes. Because this fungus has a large surface, easily reacts with oxygen and therefore Rusty begins again very quickly. It is therefore an important part of the dry quickly after washing and mothball. It may be a problem with the mentioned files, because as known, oiled rasper well nepiluje. With this procedure we will, as described in the article sharpening set.

I wish you many beautiful odrezených and renovated old stuff.

Sample before and after derusting.

At the conclusion of another sample before and after derusting. I deliberately chose to rust removal very zrezavělý hook key from the estate of, on which it was rust in a thick layer.

Detail of a rusty key

Detail of a rusty key

After the removal of rust on elektrolytickém It is beautiful to see the pit. Rust was reduced to powdered iron and only intact metal. The key was then still mechanically cleaned with a brush and a spray can of WD nakonzervován.

Hook key after removal of rust on

Hook key after removal of rust on


Jan Kreps

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