Demonstartion of sword hardening


Determination of the temperature for hardening the knife. Tempered to fresh, broken across the outer edge of the anvil and judging the grain size. The finer, the better, but at a very low temperature and a fine grain, unfortunately, the hardness also drops significantly. Before this test, it is of course advisable to carry out a spark test.

A replica of the Hussite whistles

This replica of the Hussite whistles were made for the Museum. Although the Museum out of it won't shoot, We did get a little tormentační test. At the same time, we have tried, What chance had the sort of weapon against the Crusader Knight in armor. In a nutshell — a small, or no. Husiti barrage of mostly waited, until the enemy ...

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Elektrolytické odrezování

Tutorial on electrolytic Rust removal. When elektrolytickém Rust removal rust essentially reduces the back on metal, While a healthy metal, and it is important, will remain. Electrolysis can be odrezovat and rugged components, for example, I did the old files, Rusty so, that instead of a saber should completely smooth places places, clogged with rust.

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